GirlsRunFast - Running Jewelry and Apparel - Ambassador Program

The NEW GirlsRunFast Ambassador Program!

I want to become a #GirlsRunFast ambassador because I am:

    1. A runner
    2. Passionate about living healthy
    3. A believer that strong and fit is the new skinny
    If you're this person, you might be a fit for a GirlsRunFast ambassador!

    So who are GirlsRunFast ambassadors?
      1. We are lovers of all things active. We love running, cycling, yoga, swimming and more!
      2. We love to exercise and make a point to make it a part of every day.
      3. We have a passion for the good things in life like food, fun and friends!
      4. We do not believe that you need to live to the extreme to meet a goal.
      5. We encourage and don't preach!
      6. We RUN!
      7. See ambassadors in your state here!

      So what's in it for me?
        1. Membership dues give you AMAZING savings!
        2. Choice of one (1) GirlsRunFast race shirt or tank 
        3. 10 – GirlsRunFast temporary Tattoo's 
        4. Choice of one (1) heart-shaped Distance tag
        5. $10 towards any one product on our site
        6. Your own unique 22% off code on all products throughout the year
        7. You own unique 15% off code on all products for friends and family - Spread the word!
        8. $30 entry fees for any of our virtual runs which include the GirlsRunFast Women's 10k and the Phoenix Women's Half Marathon and any others we manage! In these events you will get all associated swag as if you were part of our event locally! 
        9. First choice offers and notifications throughout the year. For instance, when we launch a new product you may get a first choice offer of up to 50% off!

        Why should you become a GirlsRunFast ambassador? 
          1. Connect with like-minded people! Meet up, run, have a drink or start a group!
          2. Get cool stuff!
          3. Get free GRF swag and deep discounts on our products!
          4. You want to have fun!