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We're unique, why shouldn't our jewelry be?

We want you to look and feel your best while #running, doing #yoga, #dancing, #swimming, on your #SUP ... and anywhere else for that matter! If you are looking for handcrafted sterling silver necklaces or other running/sports jewelry, we have it. Our sports jewelry has lasted through marathons, half marathons, 5k's, 10k's, sprints, surfing, yoga, meets and daily wear and tear. We're not just about running!

Ambassadors Join the team!

GirlsRunFast - Running Jewelry and Apparel - Ambassador Program

The NEW GirlsRunFast Ambassador Program!

First, we’d like to thank each and every runner who has expressed interest in joining the GirlsRunFast team! It’s not about running fast; it’s about getting out there each and every day, including the bad days, and pushing yourself to be better. We always say that the only person you have to run faster than is the one you were yesterday.

A little history of GirlsRunFast
Our entire sports jewelry collection is based on our original designs created when we ran our first marathon. We needed a gift for our running partners and we weren't able to find any unique choices for “runner" jewelry. We looked everywhere but couldn't find anything unique so we decided to create our own. The inspiration for these figures came from the telephone wire figures a family member used to make when we were children. The original charm has transformed into what are now the #GirlsRunFast collection.

These were first sold to raise money for a charity we were running for and soon we were receiving requests for jewelry for other sports as well. What started as running only, quickly morphed into things like yoga, dance, swimming, gymnastics, karate, tennis and others. If you don't see the sport you're interested in, contact us and request it. We'll make an example for you at no charge and send you a picture. If you like it, it's yours to purchase. Looking for something completely unrelated to sports? Let us know, send us a photo and we'll try it and let you know what it will cost. If we sell ten of your idea (necklace, earring, anklet or charm) we'll send you one for free!

What we stand for ...

What we look for…

We look for runners! But we also look for health conscious and sports-minded people as well. Our products span multiple sports like cycling, swimming, triathlons, duathlons, yoga, paddle boarding and more! If these sports are among your interest, you may be a fit.

What we ask of you …

Your commitment to GirlsRunFast and the GirlsRunFast Ambassador Community …
It's simple really. As a GirlsRunFast.com LLC Ambassador you agree to the following:

While other ambassadorships may be free and offer basic discounts, we want to take it a few, and BIG, steps further. We also realize that you may enjoy other products as well as ours, all we ask in return is that they not be a direct competitor to GirlsRunFast. If you have a question based on a current affiliation, just ask and we’ll let you know how to proceed.

Team size …
We will bring on 50 applicants each quarter, 200 each year. You will be notified that you can become an ambassador and only then will we ask for the $55 non-recurring payment. Your ambassadorship lasts for one full year from the date you were notified and a reminder notice will be sent out 1 month prior to the expiration date. There is over $200 in savings in this package!

So what's in it for me?

    1. Membership dues ($55 non-recurring) give you AMAZING savings
    2. Choice of one (1) GirlsRunFast race shirt or tank 
    3. 10 – GirlsRunFast temporary Tattoo's 
    4. Choice of one (1) heart-shaped Distance tag
    5. $10 towards any one product on our site
    6. Your own unique 22% off code on all products throughout the year
    7. You own unique 15% off code on all products for friends and family - Spread the word!
    8. $30 entry fees for any of our virtual runs which include the GirlsRunFast Women's 10k and the Phoenix Women's Half Marathon and any others we manage! In these events you will get all associated swag as if you were part of our event locally! 
    9. First choice offers and notifications throughout the year. For instance, when we launch a new product you may get a first choice offer of up to 50% off!

Group members will be notified of re-admittance based on their activity throughout the year. The group size will never exceed 200 people and the vetting/review process will ensure that active participants stay and those that may want to leave can do so as well. 

We understand that our ambassadors from our previous program may find this restrictive and we understand. But we want to be fair to all involved and serve everyone in the best way possible. In doing so, your existing 20% coupon code is still valid.

To all who have submitted requests and would like to have their request reevaluated for the new program please let us know and we will reevaluate immediately!